What Is a Sinus Lift and Why Would I Need One?

What Is a Sinus Lift and Why Would I Need One?

You may need dental implants but lack enough bone density to proceed. A sinus lift is a semi-invasive surgery, also known as sinus augmentation, which makes placing dental implants much easier. It will help by increasing bone quantity in the upper jaw. 


A dental expert, such as a periodontist or oral maxillofacial surgeon, often performs sinus lifts which refers to lifting the sinus membrane to make way for the bone. 


Types of Sinus Lift Procedures


  • Lateral Window Sinus Lift


It is a specific method of sinus augmentation, also referred to as an open sinus lift, where your dentist creates a small opening in the lateral sinus wall during this procedure to raise the sinus membrane. After lifting the membrane, the doctor fills the cavity with bone.


In individual with significant bone loss, the lateral window sinus lifting treatment is the best option. The procedure is usually followed by a four to six-month period of healing before the surgeon places an implant.


  • Osteotome Sinus Lift


This method is another way to perform a sinus lift and is often referred to as the closed or direct approach. It generally requires that there be some bone present but more is needed in order for an implant to be placed.


Why Would You Need a Sinus Lift?


As mentioned above, sinus lifts help increase the amount of bone you have in your upper jaw. You may require this procedure if you have suffered a significant amount of bone loss. Some of the conditions that can cause bone loss are:

  • Prolonged Tooth Loss

  • Severe Periodontal Disease

  • Chronic Tooth Infection



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